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Business Series:

These workshops, seminars and keynotes are designed for busineses and organizations who want to raise the bar in personal and professional excellence. Individuals will gain a deeper understanding of each subject matter along with pragmatic skills to facilitate dramatic and positive changes in their lives.

Programs can be customized to suit your company's unique needs.

Educational Series:

These seminars, and workshops are designed to enable teachers, administrators, parents and students to understand and overcome some of life's most challenging issues. Simple and powerful techniques allow each participant to acheive optimum success.

Programs are suitable for adults as well as grades K-12.

Spiritual Series:

Designed to enrich our spiritual journey, each of these seminars focuses on everyday challenges that hinder our relationship with God. Using a blend of scripture plus personal life experience, participants will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of God's Word and discover how to incorporate it in their daily lives. Come to know God in a deeper more personal way and experience His unconditional love and inner peace.

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