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May 14, 2009: Pfeiffer Power Seminars is pleased to announce that our new Blog is ready!


Have you ever been angry?
    Of course you have!

Do you know where that anger really comes from?
    Probably not.

Do you always manage and express your anger appropriately?
    I didnít think so.

Do you blow up when you get mad?

Or do you try to control it and keep it inside?
    Not good either.

How well do you deal with conflict?
    That badly, huh?

Would you like new insights to manage anger and resolve conflict more effectively?
    Of course you would!

Would you like some innovative tools for doing so?
I knew it!

AND, would you like to learn how to prevent others from pushing your buttons?
    Well, yeah! Who wouldnít?

JANETíS BLOG: RESOLVING ANGER AND CONFLICT is the perfect forum to share your struggles and successes with a leading expert in the field. Read my frequent postings for insights and strategies that will dramatically reduce the anger, chaos and conflict in your life and replace them with a more serene, peaceful and joyful way of living.

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