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Pfeiffer Power Seminars


Pfeiffer Power Seminars

Spiritual Seminars

Pfeiffer Power Seminars

'40 Churches in 40 Days' Project

Pfeiffer Power Seminars

Couples Retreat

Pfeiffer Power Seminars

Holistic Life Coaching

The ultimate purpose of life is to know God intimately
and to be an expression of His love and presence in the world.

Spiritual and Wellness Seminars

These lectures, workshops, and retreats are designed to enrich one's spiritual journey by focusing on everyday challenges that obstruct one's relationship with God. Using a blend of scripture, personal life experience, and stories of hope and inspiration, participants will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of God's Word and how to incorporate it in their daily lives.

Pfeiffer Power Seminars

Spiritual Enrichment:

  • Deepen your understandng of and relationship with God.
  • Discover what it means to live a life of true surrender.
  • Find the inner peace and serenity God intends for you.
  • Experience the extraordinary healing power of forgiveness.
  • Learn to love more deeply and profoundly.
  • Gain deeper insights into God's purpose for personal relationships and utilize this knowledge to facilitate a dramatic transformation.
  • Find deeper meaning and purpose to your life.
  • Discover the message of pain and suffering.
  • Eliminate fear through the realization of perfect faith.
  • Deepen your sense of appreciation and gratitude in life.
  • Experience oneness with the universe and all of God's creations.

Topics for Lectures and Retreats:

All Roads Lead to God (New)*
What if everything you believed about the purpose of life was incorrect? We are called to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with God and live life as a perfect reflection of His love and presence in this world. By exploring ordinary life situations I will show you how to apply God's Word in each and completely surrender your life to Him; to live for the sole purpose of fulfilling His Divine Will. Discover the immense joy of living to please our Father!

(Based on my latest book,"The Great Truth" - a semi-autobiographical account of my personal journey of learning to live solely to emulate and glorify God.)

"All of the ladies agreed: this was the best women's retreat we've ever had!"
        Sr. Joanne Piccuirro, St. Heart Church, Haworth, NJ

* Recommended as a full day retreat

As We Forgive Those...
Uncover the healing power of forgiveness and the inner peace that accompanies it; dispel some common myths, examine the anatomy and necessity of an apology, and experience the bliss of complete forgiveness.

So MUCH* For Feelings: Developing Emotional Strength and Proficiency (*Manage, Understand, Choose, Heal) (New*)
By harnessing our thoughts we can begin the process of mastering our emotions. Examine 4 of our most critical and powerful feelings, decode their meaning and purpose, then utilize them to add value to your life.

Cultivating a Life of Gratitude, Happiness, and Inner Peace (New*)
Realize the enormous power of gratitude and the impact is has on every aspect of our lives; discover the surprising keys to happiness and lasting joy; and learn the profoundly simple way of creating inner peace. Then savor the splendor of effortless living.

The Ten Commandments: Just Chapter Titles? And Are They Enough? (New*)
On the surface most would agree that they earnestly try to follow God's directives, most of the time. After all, ten rules are not a lot. Yet if we closely examine our behaviors we find inconsistencies that contradict Jesus's example. I invite you to join me in delving deeper into the obscured messages behind the each Commandment where we'll uncover a plethora of additional considerations.

Pfeiffer Power Seminars

Janet Pfeiffer with
Joel and Victoria Osteen

Pfeiffer Power Seminars

Janet and Kelly Lamb, Dir.
Home Life Program
St. Michael's
Long Branch, NJ
Happily Ever After Couple's Retreat
March 25, 2011

Healing Broken Families (New)
More than half of all families are dealing with the pain of estrangement. This program offers insights and understanding as to the reasons estrangement occur and the steps necessary to heal and hopefully reunite families.

(Based on my own personal experience and modeled after my highly successful support group, Reunion of Hearts.)

Saying It Grace-fully (New)
Communication: the sharing of ideas, feelings, thoughts and needs in an effort to better understand one another. Learn 50+ Scripture based communication strategies to converse with grace and love.

Happily Ever After Couple's Retreat
This program is a one - two day retreat for married or engaged couples. I discuss God's fundamental purpose for couplehood (beyond the procreation of children) as well as practical skills necessary to allow every relationship to flourish: issues of communication, conflict resolution, identifying and healing anger, forgiveness, and more.

Peace Be With You
Healing anger and restoring inner peace. Based on my book, The Secret Side of Anger

Be Still and Know God
A look at stress and spirituality in our lives and how to create peaceful living.

Be Not Afraid
Turning to God in times of suffering; turning darkness into light and adversity into advantage.

Profound Awareness
The 4 Key Principles of Intentional Living.

To Thine Own Self Be True
A Soul-Searching Journey of Introspection and Self-Revelation.

Divine Purpose and Passion
Discovering and Living the Master ('s) Plan: Are you who God created you to be?

Jeremiah 29:11 "'For I Know The Plans I Have For You' Declares the Lord, 'Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future. '"

1 Corinthians 16:14: "Let All That You Do Be Done In Love."

Pfeiffer Power Seminars


Join us for an evening of spiritual enrichment!

Each year, Janet Pfeiffer visits 40 Churches in 40 days sharing God's message of hope and healing. Through a powerful combination of lecture, scripture and personal testimony, Janet touches the lives and hearts of all who listen as she shares her faith and life in Christ.

* Listen to what attendees are saying about Janet: *

"Dear Janet, Thank you for your presentation on 'Anger Management' to the people of St. Patrick Church, Chatham, on September 27, 2011. It touched many hearts and left those in attendance with insight into unresolved issues of anger that surface when least expected. Your presentation opened eyes to unresolved personal issues that engage people into situations that lead to hurt and resentment... Your friendly, outgoing personality and insightful words also promote unremitting personal and spiritual growth..."
      Read the entire letter from Rev. Robert J. Mitchell, St. Patrick Church, Chatham, NJ

"Janet has been a powerful presence of peace the many times she has visited our parish. Her insights come from both personal and professional experience. Her message will touch your heart."
      Sr. Anne Lucille Coates, SSJ, Most Blessed Sacrament Church, Franklin Lakes, NJ

"Janet is just.... great! Amazing! Infectious! Positive! Knowledgeable! Inspiring!!!! She not only MAKES you want to be a better person, but she shows you how to go about doing it! It's not that simple, or black & white, but she gives realistic advice & examples & ways to approach or handle situations and people. And it MAKES SENSE! She is real life!"
          LK, Boonton, N.J.

"I just had the wonderful opportunity to hear you speak at St. John's in Hillsdale. Wow, did I pick a great night, what a pleasant surprise to listen to talk about LIFE, everyday life, the good, the bad and the ugly! Inspiring is an understatement ! You spoke so highly of praying, the power of prayer, I loved everything you spoke about. Thank you for the most inspiring LIFE talk I've ever had."
          Tara S.

"Do not miss the opportunity to experience Janet Pfeiffer at her best! She is an incredible speaker who will have you laughing, crying, and searching your soul for the keys to living an extraordinary life!"
          Richard W., Indiana

"The night I came to listen to you speak on the 'Healing Power of Forgiveness' would have been my 19th wedding anniversary. My husband left me last year and I have been struggling with hurt and anger ever since. I've had a hard time letting go and moving my life forward. However, I was so inspired by what you had to say that for the first time, I am feeling at peace. I know I'm going to be ok. Thank you so much!"
          Karen, Ramsey, NJ

Pfeiffer Power Seminars

"I just heard you speak at St. Simon Church and you were wonderful! I was so inspired by your personal story and everything you have been through in life. You seem to have so much inner peaceand that's what I want for myself. I know now that I can achieve it. You have truly inspired me."
          Frank R., Green Pond, NJ

"You are like a guardian angel!" Alan B., Ridgewood, NJ

Call now to find out how your church
can participate in this life-affirming event.

Visit for a beautiful and powerful message of God's healing love.

Photo: "Janet speaking at St. Simon Church, Green Pond, NJ as part of her fund raiser for Sacred Heart Church, Camden, N.J. Oct. 6, 2011"


Extraordinary relationships aren't built on love alone.
They need the inspired knowledge and proven skills that take couples
from 'falling in love' to 'living in love'.

Lectures, interactive exercises, discussions, scripture and more covering communication,
resolving conflict, managing anger, healing past hurts and creating true and lasting love.

~~Listen to what some of our couples had to say~~

"You are really one of God's earth angels! Lots of wisdom and insight! You really have tools and talent that helps others! I like Wayne Dyer but I think you are better than him. Your own personal experience allows you to relate to others pain. The world really needs you! I was very upset when I came to see you. You allowed calm to enter me and enabled me to see some positive solutions. Thank you so much and God bless you." Ed F.

"Every aspect of the retreat was excellent! Thank you for sharing your life and all that you learned." Trish S.

"I love your kindness and humility. You gave it such a personal touch." - Ella D.

"You're better than Dr. Phil!" Sharon D.

"I came to learn about couples. I learned so much about myself. I did a lot of self reflecting. It was just what I needed." Lucy S.

"Awesome! Interesting, funny, an expert in relationships!" George G.

"For the first time in my marriage, you made me aware of how my actions affect my spouse. Thank you. I needed that." Martin N.

"You were a blessing, you have no idea. God Bless you." - E. Petersen

Call now to inquire how your church or organization can host a couple's retreat.

providing insights, guidance, and healing to those who seek a more rewarding life.

Don't struggle with issues that interfere with the joyful life you were intended to have. I will help you to identify any areas of distress, provide greater clarity of those issues, and share with you the secrets of living a more fulfilling, joy-filled, and peaceful life.

Sessions for individuals, couples, those who are court ordered or employer required.
In office sessions available or by phone or skype anywhere nationwide.

"If it were not for you my wife and I would have divorced. You helped me to identify what I was really angry about and taught me how to come to terms with those issues rather than take them out on my family. I can never repay you for what you did for us. Thank you!" - Jim K., Wisconsin

"As a divorced woman in my 50's I just couldn't seem to get my life together. I was lost and depressed and feeling hopeless. But in just a few sessions you helped me to gain a new perspective on life and to understand that God has a definite plan for me; that He wants me to have a wonderful life. I feel like I've been given a second chance. This never would have happened without your guidance and help. God bless you, Janet!" - Karen J., NJ

"As part of my probation I was ordered to take anger management classes. The first time I came to see you I had a bad attitude but you were so warm and sincere that I learned I could trust you. I've completed my required number of sessions but I'm getting so much out of them that I plan to continue. I am a better man because of you." - Name withheld, NJ

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