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Read what Hoffmann La-Roche employees had to say after attending a recent program presented by Janet:

Once again, Janet, you’ve outdone yourself! Your program on anger management was one of your best yet. Always a favorite among our employees, you seem to have developed a “following” here at Roche. We definitely look forward to have you back again and again!

              Lorraine Catania, PhD
              Director, HLR, EAP
              Hoffmann-La Roche

Testimonials - Anger Management Program, Conflict Resolution Seminar

Do not miss the opportunity to experience Janet Pfeiffer at her best! She is an incredible speaker who will have you laughing, crying, and searching your soul for the keys to living an extraordinary life!

              Richard W. Indiana

And more...

  • "Powerful and dynamic! Bring her back for more!"
  • "Best speaker we've had so far."
  • "Excellent speaker - well versed and VERY motivating."
  • "HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants more out of life."
  • "She really knows her stuff!"
  • "Her life is living testimony to what she speaks. The world needs to hear her message."
  • "Never listened to anyone quite like her: knowledgeable, warm, sincere yet powerful."
  • "I wish I had heard her 20 years ago. It would have made a big difference in my life."
  • "Without a doubt, one of the best speakers on the planet!"
  • "A life changing experience, for sure!"
  • "Keep coming back - we need more of you!"
  • "Janet's course on Anger Management was far superior to anything I've ever seen."
  • "Excellent speaker - well versed and VERY motivating"

A letter I received from one of my clients to her sister

Aug. 21, 2008

Dear R___,

My second meeting with Janet last night was equally as productive, enjoyable & enlightening as the first. She is just.... great? Amazing? Infectious? Positive? Knowledgeable? Inspiring!

I just love the time I spend with her. She not only makes me want to be a better person, but she shows and tells me how to go about doing it! It's not that simple, or black & white, but she gives realistic advice & examples & ways to approach or handle things, situations, people, etc.

And it makes sense! It's not a bunch of psycho babble and useless nonsense. She is much better than any therapist I have ever seen. She is so much more "real life".

That night we went to see Janet.... I know that while I slept that night, someone, something, God, entered my body & just did a clean sweep! I woke up that next morning a changed person.

I know it sounds crazy but trust me. I'm the one that's experiencing it and it's wonderful! I know I'm at the very beginning of my journey, and the old bad habits or negativity still appear, but I'm completely committed to improving myself, my outlook, my life, my relationship with God and myself and everyone else in my life!

I finally know that I can be at peace, live in peace and remove the negativity from my heart, mind, body & soul. I know it's not going to happen over night, and I know it's going to take a lot of work, but I have FAITH! And I can't tell you how wonderful that feels. I have not been able to say that in how long - forever?

Talk soon ~


Read the comments other pleased clients have to share....

Dear Miss Pfeiffer,

Your recent presentation at our conference reflected you expertise, creativity, and dedication to the professional development of our members. You played an important role in inspiring educators to embrace new ideas and create new opportunities.

I applaud your efforts and positive energies.

              Warmest Regards,
              Michael Johnson, President New Jersey Education Association

Thanks for an excellent workshop on anger management and conflict resolution! Everyone commented that it was the best program we've ever had. Look forward to working with you again in the near future.

              Leo DiFanzo, Marketing Manager, Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc.

And, on a personal note....

Janet Pfeiffer is one of the most powerful speakers of our time. Her programs are packed full of amazing information and simple practical skills to create dramatic change in your life.
              Kim W. Florida

Spend one evening with Janet and your life will ever be the same!!
              Joseph S., New Jersey

Kudos for a terrific, upbeat presentation on "Charting Your Career Course For Prosperity"! Everyone at Work Talk agrees that you'll have to return soon and share more of your expertise, insights and suggestions.
              Marion Karpen, Pres., CEO, Founder, Work Talk

Janet's humor, warmth, and down-to-earth approach make it so easy to connect with her. She has lived what she teaches and is an inspiration to all.
              Darleen K., Pennsylvania

If you want a remarkable life, go to a remarkable source, Janet Pfeiffer. She is AWESOME!
              John D., New York

You do not have to know Janet very long to realize she is truly an exceptional person. Just talking to her for a few minutes lifts your spirits and brightens your day. You can tell very quickly she is very experienced in life and speaks from the heart, not a text book. I think her company name is very accurately titled to describe her words and her presence, POWERFUL.
              Matt Buccieri, Buccieri’s GEMS & JEWELRY Oak Ridge, NJ

"40 Churches in 40 Days" Testimonials

2nd annual "40 Churches in 40 Days Project" - scheduled for April - May 2009
Find out how your church can participate in this exciting event!

We are pleased to share comments from those who attended the 2008 event.

"The night I came to listen to you speak on the 'Healing Power of Forgiveness' would have been my 19th wedding anniversary. My husband left me last year and I have been struggling with hurt and anger ever since. I've had a hard time letting go and moving my life forward. However, I was so inspired by what you had to say that for the first time, I am feeling at peace. I know I'm going to be ok. Thank you so much!"

      Karen, Ramsey, NJ

"I just heard you speak at St. Simon Church and you were wonderful! I was so inspired by your personal story and everything you have been through in life. You seem to have so much inner peace and that's what I want for myself. I know now that I can achieve it. You have truly inspired me."

      Frank R., Green Pond, NJ

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