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Article:   ACS Seminar-C-Factor Raising Confident, Capable Compassionate and Caring Kids

Pfeiffer Power Seminars
By Robyn Bennett, Public Affairs Office
Photo by Russ Meseroll
Monmouth Message
July 24, 2009

Although it may have been geared towards parents of teen-aged children there was
something for all parents during the seminar 'The C-Factor, Raising Confident, Capable,
Compassionate and Caring Kids.'

The Army Community Service seminar was presented by Janet Pfeiffer, a motivational
speaker and award-winning author, July 9.

Pfeiffer stressed how important a parent's role is in a child's life and how no one can take a parent's place.

Every career is replaceable except parenting; a parent can't 'call in sick' and have some one else do their job.

The values and lessons parents instill in their children today are the keys those children will need to be successful for the rest of their lives.

Pfeiffer proposed 13 essential lessons that parents can teach their children to help them be successful.

  • The first lesson centered on the power of thought and how the only thing we really have control over is how we think and if we don't pay attention to what we're thinking, somebody else will.
  • The second lesson focused on personal responsibility.
  • The third lesson was on effective communication.
  • The fourth lesson was on anger and how it is really a secondary emotion to hurt, fear or frustration.
  • The fifth lesson centered on successful ways to resolve conflict.
  • The sixth lesson focused on building self-esteem.
  • The seventh lesson was on the importance of boundaries and how we need to teach children to have respect for themselves and to have a 'voice.'
  • The eighth lesson was on nonaggressive methods of personal self-defense.
  • The ninth lesson focused on the healing power of forgiveness.
  • The tenth lesson centered on the importance of setting meaningful goals.
  • The eleventh lesson focused on raising a moral, ethical and spiritual child.
  • The twelfth lesson showed how parents can be good examples for their children.
  • The final lesson centered on compassion and kindness and how these two traits were the ultimate keys in raising a successful child.

Pfeiffer, who has four grown children, is not only the author of several books but is also a 'life coach.'

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