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Seminars: Kids and Anger, Anti-Bullying Campaign

Educational Institutions

Customized and suitable for middle and high school,
colleges, administrators, teachers, and parents.

Power-packed and interactive, our educational workshops addresses issues of self discovery and awareness, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, rising above adversity, making smart choices and developing attributes of kindness, compassion and determination. We are dedicated to the ultimate success and well-being of each student. Janet is an NJEA Registered Provider who specializes in bullying, anger management and conflict resolution.


  • A dramatic reduction in anger.
  • Address and resolve issues of bullying.
  • A greater ability to resolve conflict permanently and amicably.
  • Develop healthy self-esteem and confidence.
  • Acquire the necessary skills for critical thinking.
  • Face and overcome adversity with greater ease.
  • An increase in cooperation, kindness and concern.
  • A decrease in hopeless, despair, and self-destructive behavior.
  • An atmosphere of security and safety that fosters learning.
  • The desire and ability to set and achieve extraordinary goals.


Teachers, admins, parents, professional development certificates
(workshops can also be customized for students)

The Quick and Easy Guide to Managing Anger
      A comprehensive, profound and innovative new approach to Anger Management.

The 7 C’s of Conflict Resolution
      Discover critical skills and creative strategies for successful conflict resolution.

ABC: The Anti-Bullying Campaign
      A compelling approach to the issues of bullying and victimization and how to resolve them.

Phoenix Rising: Facing Adversity With Courage and Conviction
      Turn thoughts of despair and hopelessness that can lead to self-destructive behavior into positive life-affirming choices!

Teen Dating: Red Flag or Green Light? (NEW!)
      Create safe and healthy relationships from the get-go and avoid unhealthy anger, abuse and danger.

(Create a) Kid's Kindness Kampaign (NEW!)
      Instill attributes of compassion, kindness, appreciation and gratitude in this year long kampaign of school-wide activities.

The C-Factor
      Raising Confident, Capable, Compassionate & Caring Kids - Essential lessons, values and skills.

Starving for Perfection
      Learn to Recognize and Overcome Eating Disorders - Anorexia and Bulimia.

Did You Hear About...?
      Everything You Need to Know About Rumors and Gossip.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
      Build Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and Self-Image!

Tag - You're "IT!"
      Becoming an Independent Thinker and profound decision maker

When You Wish Upon a Star
      Fulfill Your Dreams: How to Achieve (or Become) Everything You Want!

Are You Absolutely Positive?
      How to develop your "Negatives" into "Positives" and adopt a winning approach to life.

How The Diamond Got It's Glitter
      A creative and light-hearted approach to Stress Management For Teens and Teachers.

Drive to Survive
      The Frightening Truth about Road Rage and Aggressive Driving and how to stay safe on the roadway.

Dealing With REALLY Difficult People
      Learn key strategies to diffuse a hostile person and turn adversaries into allies.

Read what people are saying about Janet Pfeiffer!

Dear Miss Pfeiffer,

Your recent presentation at our conference reflected you expertise, creativity, and dedication to the professional development of our members. You played an important role in inspiring educators to embrace new ideas and create new opportunities. I applaud your efforts and positive energies.

      Warmest Regards,
      Michael Johnson, President New Jersey Education Association

“Janet Pfeiffer is one of the most powerful speakers of our time. Her programs are packed full of amazing information and simple practical skills to create dramatic change in your life."“ “
      Kim W. Florida

““Spend one evening with Janet and your life will ever be the same!”
      Joseph S., New Jersey

“Kudos for a terrific, upbeat presentation on "Charting Your Career Course For Prosperity"! Everyone at Work Talk agrees that you'll have to return soon and share more of your expertise, insights and suggestions.”
      Marion Karpen, Pres., CEO, Founder, Work Talk

“Janet's humor, warmth, and down-to-earth approach make it so easy to connect with her. She has lived what she teaches and is an inspiration to all.”
      Darleen K., Pennsylvania

“If you want a remarkable life, go to a remarkable source, Janet Pfeiffer. She is AWESOME!”
      John D., New York

“You do not have to know Janet very long to realize she is truly an exceptional person. Just talking to her for a few minutes lifts your spirits and brightens your day. You can tell very quickly she is very experienced in life and speaks from the heart, not a text book. I think her company name is very accurately titled to describe her words and her presence, POWERFUL.”
      Matt Buccieri, Oak Ridge, NJ

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