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Training Seminars - Anger Management, Conflict Resolution


Management and Employee Training Programs

Our customized workshops and seminars
dramatically lower stress, anger and conflict
while significantly increasing cooperation, respect and unity.

Our exclusive techniques and strategies are proven to
enrich interpersonal skills, cultivate healthier partnerships,
and make life visibly easier and substantially more prosperous.



Our programs will:

  • Create a more cooperative and favorable work environment that converts wasted time into increased productivity and profits.

  • Minimize lost performance time by turning contentious conflict into creative resolution.

  • Reduce risk to employees by diffusing potentially explosive situations and dissention brought about by “fuel-injected” statements.

  • Encourage confident, assertive behavior that builds mutual respect and cooperation which translates into company loyalty and dedication.

  • Improve employee productivity by quickly clarifying issues and solutions that avoid blame and excuses.

  • Open new lines of communication which judiciously resolve issues, boost moral and enable employees to work more proficiently as a team.

Training Seminars - Anger Management, Conflict Resolution


How to Prevent People From Pushing Your Buttons & Getting You Angry
      A comprehensive, profound, and innovative new approach to Anger

From Contentious Conflict to Creative Resolution
      An innovative and dynamic new approach to positive conflict resolution.

Dealing With Really B.A.D. People (Bullies, Aggressive & Difficult)
      Learn key strategies to dealing with difficult people and convert your
      adversaries into allies.

Lighten Up - Stress Management
      A creative and light-hearted approach to dramatically reducing and
      creatively managing stress.

Additional topics available upon request.

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October 24, 2013                  

Read what recent attendees are saying:

"Thank you for an incredible lecture on Tuesday night! The fountain of information and your insight is truly amazing. I am reading The Secret Side Of Anger and look forward to viewing your websites for articles, interviews, as well as your inspirational message of healing. I’ve attended a number of seminars similar to yours and Janet, in my opinion yours tops the list!" - Bob Seeman, Princeton Medical Center, Princeton, N.J.

“Do not miss the opportunity to experience Janet Pfeiffer at her best! She is an incredible speaker who will have you laughing, crying, and searching your soul for the keys to living an extraordinary life!” - Richard W. Indiana

"Janet Pfeiffer is one of the most powerful speakers of our time. Her programs are packed full of amazing information and simple practical skills to create dramatic change in your life." - Kim W. Florida

"Spend one evening with Janet and your life will ever be the same!" - Joseph S., New Jersey

"Kudos for a terrific, upbeat presentation on "Charting Your Career Course For Prosperity"! Everyone at Work Talk agrees that you'll have to return soon and share more of your expertise, insights and suggestions." - Marion Karpen, Pres., CEO, Founder, Work Talk

"Janet's humor, warmth, and down-to-earth approach make it so easy to connect with her. She has lived what she teaches and is an inspiration to all." - Darleen K., Pennsylvania

If you want a remarkable life, go to a remarkable source, Janet Pfeiffer. She is AWESOME! - John D., New York

More from Hoffman La-Roche employees

"Powerful and dynamic! Bring her back for more!"

"Best speaker we've had so far."

"Excellent speaker - well versed and VERY motivating."

"HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants more out of life."

"She really knows her stuff!"

"Her life is living testimony to what she speaks. The world needs to hear her message."

"Never listened to anyone quite like her: knowledgeable, warm, sincere yet powerful."

"I wish I had heard her 20 years ago. It would have made a big difference in my life."

"Without a doubt, one of the best speakers on the planet!"


"A life changing experience, for sure!"

"Keep coming back - we need more of you!"

"Janet's course on Anger Management was far superior to anything I've ever seen."

"Excellent speaker - well versed and VERY motivating"

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